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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Asian Expressions

       Thanks to the Maryland Art Place Artists' Registry, the Montepelier Arts Center (Laurel, MD) selected my work for their 2008 feature on Asian-American artists.
My image on the promotional flyer.

I didn't get to meet the other two but their work was inspirational.

Welcome to the show!

Pinhole photography, y'all.

With 35mm film and a custom camera.

       Only four pieces were shown but this is the entire lineup that I submitted.

"Evenhanded Luck"

"Endangered Evolutionary Extinction"

"Also Sprach Angra Mainyu"

"Twist of Fate on the Razor's Edge"

"Reversed Judgment"

"K. K. Crowning"

"Eos Fled"

"A Perfect-Perfect Catch"

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  1. Glad I could go to your show. I still have those pics on my camera.