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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Magical Fruit of the Loon?

    With a highly-anticipated trip to Chicago commencing in mere days, the question arose of what else to do in town other than attend the 2011 US Air Guitar Dark Horse Invitational (location TBA) and National Finals at Metro.

    Having lived in New York City for several years now, I was hesitant of adopting the predictable tourist character and planned to seek out more underground cultures to absorb with the help of local friends.  My persistence at remaining fringe and alternative, owed to a passion for rocking an invisible instrument in front of large crowds, was recently put into doubt by an off-hand suggestion from fellow competitor and brothAIR-in-unloaded-arms, Brock McRock (aka Taylor F.) of Houston, Texas.

    Some months ago, Cloud Gate in Millennium Park was not much more than a mildly interesting idea to me until further research yielded the details of the project by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor.  The images and information that were found online increased my enthusiasm to determine if this sculpture is worthy of its praise and similar to my own artistic values.

    The next post should provide a more in-depth look and critical reaction to "the Bean."

~ Peace, Love, Air

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