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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Appetite for Creation Part 3: Proposition Fate

    At this point, a fairly reasonable understanding of the Samsung SCH-u540 phone/camera gave rise to pushing its photographic limits due to lack of interest in representational accuracy.  Though conventional snapshots of everyday subjects can provide a more comfortable experience to the viewer, successful artists must offer increasingly unapologetic and unique perspectives in order to distinguish themselves from the average hobbyist. 

    The appeal in consuming and/or producing mainstream imagery is not without its merits when attempting to establish connections with a wide audience, but taking risks to solidify one's individuality via alternative expressions is oftentimes just as rewarding.  Familiarity can sometimes breed contempt, and for those who feel that recycled regurgitations of cliched insights en masse is counterproductive to ideological advancement, the answer to escaping creative stagnation requires an influx of unorthodox approaches.  Simultaneously, a separate outlet must exist to facilitate the gradual dilution of defunct essences that can no longer contribute to the evolutionary process - as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, "You could not step twice into the same river, for other waters are ever flowing on to you." 

    Whether some may fathom such disjointed meanings or not, actions speak louder than words and the images below should illustrate what can achieved during moments of imaginative desperation. 

8-24-11: Backyard (click to enlarge)

8-29-11: Solar-powered speed sign (click to enlarge)

8-30-11: Playground (click to enlarge)

8-30-11: Playground (click to enlarge)

8-30-11: Fire hydrant (click to enlarge)

8-30-11: Sidewalk lamp (click to enlarge)

9-7-11: I-278 billboard (click to enlarge)

9-8-11: Utility tower (click to enlarge)

9-8-11: LIRR train signals (click to enlarge)

9-13-11: Flushing to Manhattan train (click to enlarge)

    All opinions aside, visionary excellence still remains in the eye of the beholder.  While most people indulge in their own ambitions to stand apart from the crowd with personal pursuits in photography, tradition and history dictates that radical manipulation of the standards or bold departures from the norm is crucial to augmenting one's influence.  The path that is forged alone ultimately belongs to whoever dares to lead.

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