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Friday, November 15, 2013

"Mirror, Mirror..." - Side A

    Self-portraits can represent the most vain aspects of an individual, and with the advent of digital image-capture technology on cellphones comes many an example of people all-too willing to expand on this type of narcissistic behavior. Using reflective surfaces both in private and public to shape, gauge and determine how society views them superficially, these persons are the result of a culture raised on visual programming and conditioned to imitate practices that appeal to the most basic of senses.

    In response to the growing trend of amateur self-portraits in washroom mirrors via cellphone, this new project will focus on replacing the imaging device with a wide range of other objects - somewhat similar to a website already dedicated to switching phones and babies with sandwiches in stock pictures or guns with thumbs-up gestures, the goal of "Mirror, Mirror..." is for personal amusement value and infrequent social commentary.

(click to enlarge)

    Each subject is unknown to this author and has been found from a rudimentary image search of public online material, therefore they will not have their identity obscured.

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