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Thursday, May 17, 2012

E Airness Unum: Airosol

    Just scant few weeks remain until the 2012 US Air Guitar tournament kicks off across the nation in its search for an ambassador to carry a message of peace to the World Championships in Oulu, Finland. Having birthed three of Earth's mightiest air guitar heroes since 2003, America is clearly primed and ready to bring home a fourth world title.

    While one can easily make the assumption that air guitar is exclusively a boys' club, there would be some sistAIRs who take exception to that - Airosol (nee Cami P.) from the Land of 10,000 Lakes has proved that a healthy mix of brio, beauty and brilliance is more than enough to warrant a place among other air guitar legends. With a trademark leg-flip that has yet to replicated or even attempted in competition, this diminutive firebrand from Minnesota always leaves the fans clamoring for more.

    A veteran gymnastics instructor and first-time mother (the video above was taken mere months after receiving her bundle of joy), this winner of four regional championships has since pirouetted gracefully into the halls of royalty as Emeritus Queen of the USAG Northwest Territories. The legacy of Airosol is a testament to the equality and respect that is shared among all air guitarists.

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