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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

E Airness Unum: Hot Lixx Hulahan

    On this Friday, June 15th, Portland will kick off the 2012 US Air Guitar tournament and proudly commemorate the unprecedented achievement of claiming three world championships since 2003. The most recent such victor is none other than Hot Lixx Hulahan himself (aka C. Billmeier), who decimated the global competition in 2008 to follow legends like C-Diddy and Sonyk-Rok into the whispered realms of air guitar history. Take a gander at his title-clinching performance in the video below:

    There is no question that the above-mentioned display of a pure love for rock music perfectly embodies the quintessential spirit of freedom. Liberty is what countless others  have fought over, died for and won decisively to preserve; Hot Lixx's choice of "Plane Crash" by the Toadies in Round One is chosen brilliantly chosen for its brash sound, enduring spirit and upbeat attitude after a prolonged period of musical stagnation in self-pity and hollow commercialism. At once memorable, catchy and inspiring, Hot Lixx Hulahan's antics proved through two successive rounds that America knew exactly what rock and roll really meant.

    Some role models don't come better than this.

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