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Sunday, September 2, 2012

E Airness Unum: Flying Finn

    The tenth annual US Air Guitar tournament has culminated with a new National Champion and the former title holder going on to bring a fourth Air Guitar World Championship crown back to America. Only Finland boasts more wins with five total since 1996.


    Appearing with a bevy of 2012 USAG finalists at the Bluebird Theater in Denver this past July was none other than Flying Finn (nee Andrew), who last season had nearly won representation for the city of Chicago but this year earned special bragging rights in Minnesota as its prodigal son of air guitar. Being the hometown hero intensified an already building cloud of airness but those mighty Finns bore it as a badge of rock 'n roll; the struts, windmills and kicks delivered many artistic flourishes properly balanced by a honed edge in this rousing display:

    In addition to spending time to raise an awesome family, Finn puts his other technical skills into creating digital tributes of various members from the air guitar community.


    While Finn cuts an imposing figure in real life and much more so on stage, this man is well-versed in embracing this curious fellowship amongst air guitarists and fostering a greater kinship with anyone who shares the same sense of humor.


"To err is human, but to air guitar...divine."

- Bjorn Turoque

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