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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

E Airness Unum: Shopping Spree #2

    Following up on the previous post, here are more examples of image manipulation hijinks with members of the US Air Guitar community.

Left to right: Stroock, 2013 Air Guitar World Championships runner-up; Melin, 2013 AGWC winner; Facemelter, 2013 US Air Guitar Championships winner.

Left to right: Mitt Umlaut, The CorpAIRation, Brock McRock, Cleoplectra, Van Dammage, Rockupine, Soulstice, Airosol, The Shred.

Left to Right: Soulstice, Justice Rocktor, Captain Airhab, Jean-Luc Pickguard, Vlad DM Wailer, The Lost Heartbreaker, Marteeka, President Baberham Lincoln, Cold Steel Renegade.

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