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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

E Airness Unum: Shopping Spree #1

    For a few years now, it's become a minor tradition to Photoshop various members from the US Air Guitar community into spoofs of modern and popular culture. Current USAG Nationals champion Lieutenant Facemelter, along with two-time Nationals finalists Flying Finn and Van Dammage, are some of the main contributors to this pastime.

    In the image below, 2013 Air Guitar World Champion  Mean Melin (Kansas City, KS) is depicted in the first row, Doug the Thunderstroock of Washington, D.C., (runner-up to Melin) is behind, followed by fourth-place winner Nordic Thunder (2012 AGWC gold medalist from Chicago, IL) and then completed with fifth-place finisher Lieutenant Facemelter of San Diego, CA. This particular lineup marks the first time in AGWC history that four of the top five spots were claimed by representatives of the same country.

(click to enlarge)

    The second work was inspired by last fall's celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month then based on a poster for the first "Machete" film. Clockwise from the top are two-time Nationals finalist Dry Ice (Chicago, IL), rookie shredder Veneno (Houston, TX), USAG stage mascot Air Bear (Houston, TX), another two-time Nationals contender Tony Tapatio (the irresistible force of sexual nature in Seattle, WA) and Midwest metal maiden mainstay AirLeigh Legal (Rocky River, OH).

(click to enlarge)


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